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These collections of photographs are about the sea and the seaside, as it exists in our minds not our eyes. It is the seaside of

our childhood and of our hopes. It is the seaside we wish for and which exists in our dreams. These are visions of a half

remembered dream that if we close our eyes we can just imagine.

As a child I recall going to the seashore in the summer at a now distant place. I can recall the chill of the water and the

power of the waves as they rolled up against the breakers. I can feel the heat of the sand and the see the harsh bright light

of the sun… and the seeming eternity of time that as only a child knows will never end. Later as an adult I enjoyed the

pleasures of the deserted winter beach and seeing my own children building sand castles, wide eyed at their first site of an

ocean wave. Now here in Puerto Rico I am privileged to live by the sea and to have had the opportunity to work with the sea

as a Captain and diving instructor. I have come to know the sea in a different guise. At dawn I have awakened with the sun

and in the evening and night seen the sun slip below the horizon. I have felt the power of the sea and fully understand that

it was not I who was in control. Buckminster Fuller has told us that, “The water is not the wave. The water merely tells us of

the passing of the wave.”

Our transient material world can occasionally hint to us of a usually hidden reality, which lies just out of sight and beneath

the surface. These photographs were made at various times over the past years in and around Rincon, Puerto Rico. One

collection was made over a period of time in San Juan.  Rincon is a small, mostly rural, municipality and the western most

spot in all of Puerto Rico. It is a town that has a laid back attitude and a welcoming smile. During the winter when the

storms up north make the waves that caused the Beach Boys to put Rincon on the surfing safari the town is filled with

tourists and the nightlife is hopping. During the summer the crowds thin out but families who live on the Isla bring life to the

town when they make their annual home coming pilgrimage to the seashore. Then, the spring and fall shoulders… the town

gets sleepy, quieter, resting for the next season.

This collection evolved over time. Because I have particular associations with the seaside I naturally gravitated to making

photographs of the sea. For me the seaside that I saw was not the seaside that I felt or imagined but these photographs,

illusions all, come closer to a truth for me. I hope that you will be touched by some piece of this greater reality.

These images are available for purchase as 17 x 22 inch glicee prints. I print them individually on velvet fine art paper with

archival inks. I mail them rolled, for you to frame as you choose. The cost per print is $55 and the charge for shipping and

handling is $12. The panoramas are printed in the United States in varying sizes. Please contact me by e-mail with your size

requirements for a cost estimate.

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